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Archbishop Ngo-Dinh-Thuc: Martyr for the Faith

On February 25, 1981, Archbishop Ngo-Dinh-Thuc (elder brother of assassinated president of South Vietnam, President Ngo-Dinh-Diem) made a startling public declaration. He spoke as a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church- successor of the Apostles - and with full knowledge of his episcopal authority.

Archbishop Ngo was hated by a lot of people - including his own countrymen among whom were those he had seen to the altar of God as priests. He was a real problem for the Conciliar Modernists because he was not just an ordinary Archbishop, but even more: he was the older brother of the President of Vietnam. His importance has been downplayed by insignificant petty ambitious clerics whose secret aspirations to become bishops were frustrated. So, too, did many of the laymen who faced the prospect of genuine bishops returning them to their place- to put it bluntly and frankly.

Until Archbishop Ngo, there was anarchy. There is still anarchy only because the anarchists profit by the confusion they create. The order established by God continues, just as the crucifixion did not put an end to the Church. To understand the hatred of the Vatican and all associated with it for the Archbishop, it would be enough to attentively read the Acts of the Apostles where St. Stephen, the proto martyr, expounds to the usurpers of the temple their religious errors and their immorality: See Acts 7, 1-59.

The Archbishop condemnded the New Mass and the New Sacraments as invalid. He condemned the Modernism reigning supreme in the Vatican; He condemned the false ecumenism, the adoration of man (the cult of man), religious liberty, to embrace any religion whatever; the refusal of Church authorities to condemn heresies and to expel heretics. As a neccessary and logical conclusion to all the accusations made- accusations which really needed no proof because their truth was so public - Archbishop Ngo declared:

"Ideo, quatenus episcopus Ecclesiae Catholicae Romanae, judico sedem Ecclesiae Catholicae Romanae vacantem esse, et opportet me, uti episcopus, omnia facere ut Ecclesias Catholica Romae perduret ad salutem aeternam animarum."

What this declaration means is that he, Archbishop Ngo, having weighed all that was transpiring in Rome and elsewhere was forced to one conclusion: All the evils poisoning the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ can have but one source: the very heart of Catholicism: the Vatican! The blood is poisoned with Modernism, as Pope St. Pius X had stated in his Encyclical letter "Pascendi" against Modernism. Archbishop Ngo perceived this same things and as a faithful and courageous bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, he knew he must act.

You can read this and much more in the book, Archbishop Ngo-Dinh-Thuc: Martyr for the Faith.

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SEDEVACANTISM: The only honest response to a painful reality.

"Tacit Resignation

It is a fair question, it seems to me, to ask: "Who is authorized to speak in the name of the Roman Catholic Church?"

The obvious answer to this question should be: Valid and legitimate members of the hierarchy are the only ones appointed by God to represent the Roman Catholic Church which is identified with the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ.

However, heretics and schismatics are not legitimate teachers in the Church of God. Whatever position they may have had prior to their falling into heresy and schism from the true Church has been lost.

It was lost through the only practical procedure of tacit resignation.

That the Church, guided by the Holy Ghost, found it neccessary to include such a canon in Her laws should speak for itself.

Laws are made for the good of that community. Constitutions of governments, such as that of the United States, contain rules to protect the State from "foreign and domestic enemies."

Obviously, such provisions are the result of past experience or observation. A "domestic enemy," presumably would be those in authority who violate their duty to uphold the laws of the State and provide for the general welfare of the people.

Equally so, the Roman Catholic Church, being a perfect society, must nevertheless consider the unhappy possibility that unscrupulous individuals may well reach the highest position in the Catholic Church with the purpose of destroying the Church from within.

The law reads: "There are certain causes which effect the tacit resignation of an office, which resignation is accepted in advance by operation of law, and hence is effective without any declaration." (c. 188).

One such cause is if the individual holding an office has publicly fallen away from the Catholic Faith.

It is not difficult to understand that such individuals would not be willing to step down from that office. Their purpose would be to use that position in order to destroy the faith of the people, not to defend it. Now, this has been adequately proven in the cases of those "Popes" since Pope Pius XII.

We, sadly but with our duty before God, must declare such individuals as anti-Popes. This means that even though they occupy the Chair of Peter- which is the highest position in the visible Church - they are not true and real Popes. They are imposters."

You can read this and much more in the book, SEDEVACANTISM: The only honest response to a painful reality.

Order your copy today from:

The Franciscans
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Suggested donation is: $15 postpaid.

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