Saturday, April 14, 2007


Available Once More: Discernment of Spirits

Originally published in 1984, Bishop Louis Vezelis' Discernment of Spirits, is available again for those souls seeking to advance in the spiritual life.

Appearing first as a series of articles in the SERAPH, this-one-of-a-kind book provides priceless instruction on the marks of divine, human and evil spirits, especially in these days when our spiritual director isn't always close at hand.

Besides learning the differences between the influences of the spirit of God and the devil's both on you, family members and co-workers, etc. discover the answers to the most important questions- is there true union with Our Lord or diabolic deception in your prayer and other spiritual exercises?

A must-read for serious Catholics, and an ideal gift! 115 pages, suggested price: $15.

Order from:

The Franciscans
3376 Mt. Read Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14616

Or, just log onto, after signing in you can send your donation to us at:, including your name, shipping address and "For Discernment of Spirits" in a message.

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